Here are the things that Glenn still did in 2016:

Here are some new things Glenn did in 2016:

So, 2016 was clearly a big year for Glenn to continue to age physically, but not mentally.

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Q: Tell us about your book that everyone reading this letter should go buy, even if they don't do any programming. Wait...did you write this question?
A:! Why would you think so? Well, I really just wrote the second edition of a book on a web framework called Rails. It is probably the greatest book written on any subject and everyone reading this letter should go buy it, even if they don't do any programming.
Q: What could non-programmers do with your book?
A: I am so glad you asked! Lots of things! It is 513 pages, so it makes a great booster seat. Also, you could probably knock someone clean out if you hit them just right with it.
Q: What about your new tattoo?
A: Well, it's four lines of 1s and 0s on the inside of my left arm. It's the kids' names in binary.
Q: It kinda looks like an internment camp registration mark, doesn't it?
A: You think? (Swings something at Jill)
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Q: (Ducks) What the...?!? Did you just try to hit me with your book?
Q: (Sighs) Which trip did you most enjoy this year?
A: I think I'd have to say Colorado. It was good to see our friends and limp around on a cane (I hurt my knee the day before the trip) while everyone had fun gawking at the dispensaries. I went back in September for a Guys' Weekend where we played golf and often stayed up until 9:30 PM.
Q: Sounds fun. What happened to your knee?
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A: I was trying to do the obstacle course at an American Ninja Warrior type place and missed a platform and tore 2 ligaments in my left knee when I landed on my age. The good news is that was the last time any of our children will think of me as their strong, capable father and now picture me more as a red-faced, groaning mound of flesh stuck in an air bag.
Q: What did you do for rehab?
A: I am so glad you asked! I used two copies of my book to set the knee. It healed so fast that I am convinced my book has magical healing powers. Get yours today!

Well, we’ll stop this interview right here. Let’s just say there was no question put to Glenn that didn’t somehow work his way back to his book. Do us all a favor, if you are planning on learning programming, have a heavy door that just won’t stay open, or need a solid splint, pick up a copy.