(Note: To properly set the mood for Lily, please play the following music while reading.)

The easiest way to sum up Lily is to say she feels. Lily rides emotions like they are the attractions at an exahausting amusement park, except, when she is done, everyone around her feels nauseous. Lily’s happies are happier than all and Lily’s sads are the saddest. Her Emotional Volume Control was put in by Spinal Tap and goes up to 11. Below, you can see her riding high/low on these emotions:

Lily is also the “face man” of the Goodrich family, serving as their social butterfly. There is no event not worth attending, including those she creates with the doomed insects she catches in the backyard. Many a caterpiller has met their fate (launching Lily into a tear-filled tirade about the departed bug) inside a jar while having “tea” with Lily. Our best guess is that the Caterpiller and Roly Poly blockbuster action movies use Lily as a conflicted Godzilla.

Lastly, Lily looks up to Emma, trying her best to be an artist and a gymnast. Emma, of course, treats this as a burden, often panning Lily’s artwok or giving her low scores on her cartwheel. As you probably have guessed, this sends Lily into an emotional quest for validation, resulting in the massacre of many a caterpiller.

We fear that many a species will reach Endangered status unless Lily is caught or calmed down.