As with many outlaw families, the patriarch is often the most diffcult to understand. Glenn’s 2012 is no exception to this rule. If you remember from last year’s assessment of the Goodrichs, Glenn left a legitimate career to join a life of prospecting for, um, code.

It didn’t take long for him to shout “Eureka! Thar’s code in them thar startups” and Glenn started at KYCK in January. KYCK is a startup focusing on digital and social media around soccer. The fact that your run-of-the-mill varmint knows more about the game of soccer than Glenn remains a point of suspicion.

Glenn’s contribution to KYCK seems to be whittling the “API” and “web client”. It is unclear how this work fits in with their outlaw ways, but Glenn works on it constantly. So, it must be dastardly.

If Glenn’s work behaviour was mysterious, his physical appearance has been down-right baffling this year. 2012 was the Year of the Hair for Mr. Goodrich, who had more hairstyles than a copy of Vogue. At times, we thought it was an attempt at disguising himself from the law, which would be understandable. However, there were other times where Glenn seem to be going all-Howard Hughes on us. The picures below (not for the weak-hearted) say it all:

Some of the things we see on this job just can’t be unseen.

Lastly, Glenn started taking drum lessons this year. The motivation seems to have originated in the fact that the family had a drumset on which no one was drumming. Oh, and Glenns likes to hit things. Searching for another reason, we suspect that Glenn is communicating with similarly follicled, nerdy outlaws about potential meetups and tweets. However, up to this point we have only been able to decipher “Hey! I stink at drumming!”

In the coming year, Glenn plans to turn his outlaw ways to learning about the game of Soccer. His first lesson is “The Goal: Soccer’s Version of the Touchdown” followed by “Real Men Fake Injury” and possibly graduating to “Using the Paintings of Salvador Dali to Explain Offsides”. It goes without saying that Glenn tested out of all the Hooligan-level courses.