At first glance, Emma doesn’t seem like a member of an outlaw family at all. Bespectacled with a pretty smile, she lures in prey, such as grandparents, and is a pleasure to be around. In these pictures, you can see how innocent Happy Emma looks:

That is, until someone utters “the word”. Best we can tell, Emma was hypnotized as a child and her trigger word is “No”. Once this word has been said, the items on Emma’s palette transform from paints and paper to flailings and self-pity. We’ve interviewed many a victim, still in a state of shock, and they all mutter the same thing: “What happened?? We were painting some still life, I said ‘no, we’ll have a snack later’ and the next thing I know, I’m looking into the chasm of despair.”

Emma is wanted in several states for Excessive Attitude Polarity, but each state is waiting for another to bring her in.

When Emma is not creating art or tantrums, she has a growing intertest in Gymnastics. In fact, many reported sightings of the Goodrichs say that, as the family is walking, Emma is cartwheeling down the path next to them. We are waiting for Emma to combine her gymnast skills with her artistic bend and process a new art genre: Tantrumism. Hopefully, if her art sells, she will be able to leave the outlaw life entirely.

However, another of Emma’s interests points to her embracing “the life” more fervently than ever. Emma, always a voracious reader, has devoured The Warrior series of books. For those of you that don’t know, The Warriors detail the lives and times of various battling cat (yes, cat) clans. They have the Thunder Clan, River Clan, Shadow Clan, and Wind Clan. We think Emma studies these clans as one would study the Tao of War, planning to start her own clan: Bipolar Clan.