Cinderrella and Smella

The last couple of weeks have been eventful ones around the Goodrich house. Ranging from the educationally odd to the typically disrespectful, the number of happenings here will test the seams of a single blog entry. Hmmm….where to begin….well, let’s start with Diseases You Didn’t Know a Person Could Get.

A couple of weeks ago, Logan starts the day by informing us that his bottom is “too ticklish”. Figuring that he was taking the union approach to his post-potty duties (no pun intended), we put some kind of, um, anti-ticklish goo on the problem area and waited for the issue to subside. No such luck. The complaints of a ticklilsh rear continued, and maybe even increased. Having exhausted our knowledge of how to treat such a thing, we took Logan to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with Strep Butt. I am not making this up. You can get strep in your bottom, which is treatable with antibiotics (taken through the mouth, thank goodness).

Outside of Logan’s strange new diseases, we have had a revolving door of other children staying at the Goodrich house for extended periods. Peyton stayed with the us for 4 days on two separate occasions while her mom, Stacy, went to the Superbowl. The first week was great, since the kids wanted nothing to do with their parents while Peyton was here. Peyton is one of those children that is never loud, upset, angry, disrespectful, etc., so having her here was a brief glimpse into how the other-half live. The second week was a bit more stressful, as even mild-mannered Peyton couldn’t take being the source of constant Logan and Emma quarrels. “Play with me!”, “NO! PLAY WITH ME!”, et al. In the end, Peyton was so ready to get back to her house that she would have walked from here. The other children, Ethan and Aidan Fratcher, stayed here just last night while their parents were in Asheville. Again, this visit was great, as Logan and Ethan are buddies and Aidan is 2, effectively making him one of Emma’s toys. All in all, having other children around is a good thing, so maybe the third one will be less of a reason to drink than anticipated.

Speaking of that, Jill is cruising right along. We are still nesting a bit (PLEASE SEND HELP) but unless we are going to paint rooms twice, that has to be winding down a bit. We are feeling Tat kick, as he/she often goes bonkers. We still have no name for the child, and frankly, you have been no help. The name forum has had sparse entries, to be sure, so when this child has some strange name (like, “You” or “Dude”) consider it your own fault.

Finally, we are off to Disneyworld tomorrow. The kids are all but bursting into flames, and Gaga (Glenn’s mom) is gonna meet us there. Should be a great trip, provided Logan can keep his hiney disease free……