Lily is home

So, Lily came home yesterday and all is well. Jill is tired and sore and amazing. Seriously, I am not sure how many of you understand just how incredible this woman is, but I lack the talent to explain it with mere words. I feel like I need string and brass sections or something. She has had a bit of the baby blues, but other than that, she is a rock. I am SOOO glad the kid-bearing responsiblity fell on her gender, because if it had gone the other way we would only have one kid that would suffer from whatever diseases kids get when their parents drink too much while they are pregnant (Whatever that disease is, patrons of amusement parks seem to have it in the highest concentration)

Also, I think I now know what Oscar winners must feel like on the podium. The list of people to thank is simply overwhelming. I started to call out the thanks individually in this post, but I will, no doubt, forget someone and the music started playing. So, if you came by to visit or if you brought something by the house or left a comment on this site or are reading this or are breathing air, thank you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!. We are freakishly blessed by friends and family. (Cut to commercial)

Anyway, we are attempting to settle in at home. The next few months are going to be, erm, challenging. I took the monkies to Carowinds today, so one day down, thousands to go. I posted some new pics too, but I am too lazy to link them. Same place as last post.