Just 2, for now

It is really getting close to the arrival of Tat, and I am wondering if we will be able to remember this time in a year or longer. I can’t remember what life was like before Logan, although I imagine it was less frittered with trivia about space, The United States, and air conditioners. I can’t even remember the days before Emma, but I am sure that, even if they were quieter, we laughed less. I do remember not being able to comprehend loving another child like I love Logan, and now I can’t fathom how I sustained myself feeling the love of only one child.

So, I can picture having a third child and I am not worried about the family dynamic (but Emma as a middle child is hard to picture). What I really want to try and lock into my mind is the family pre-Tat. The mornings with the kids, eating breakfast and reading stories. Logan telling me, for the 100th time, that Alaska is the biggest state or a million earths could fit inside the sun. Emma coming down the stairs with Charmer, calling her 1 of 45 nicknames (“Warmer”,”Piddle”,’Honny Non”, the list seems endless”’) Playing in the backyard, twisting the kids who are begging to go faster and higher. The sweetness of Logan solving a problem for Emma (“here’s the last puzzle piece, Emma”) as I see the Big Brother emerging. Emma offering me a piece of her candy because “it’s REALLY good” or doing the unprompted naked hula (it’s HILARIOUS). These are good days.

I won’t lie to you, it’s been a hard (relatively speaking) week for all of us. Jill and I have been trying to get stuff done for the neighborhood and have been staying up late. Emma has been tired and trying. Logan has leaned toward whininess more than usual and had a couple of rough days at school. It’s weeks like this that we need to focus on this time the most and remember its wonderfulness, even if that isn’t a word.

On a different note, my nephew Jake sent me a letter asking me to visit and bring my XBox. It’s nice to be wanted, even if it is due to my ownership of an XBox.

Not sure I’ll get another post in pre-Tat, so….wish us luck.