So, last Thursday Jill and I went to Dream Dinners as a gift from Gaga and Poppy. We made somewhere in the neighborhood of 96 meals in about 2 hours. I am not entirely sure, but I think it is actually more meals than we have cooked combined in our married lives. I was the only man in the place, which makes me feel like there is some Guy Memo that I keep missing:

To: Men
Men Re: Don’t go to Dream Dinners

We’ll all be at <really manly place to go> while our wives are there.


P.S. Cut back on your shoulder rubs, their expectations are rising again.

It was great to get all those meals made while the NCAA tournament games were on. Anyhoo, we are about 6+ weeks out from Tat-a-palooza, and we are still refreshingly name free. It’s worth noting that this baby is constantly moving, which I am hoping means that Tat is using up all his/her energy before the BIG move.

Logan and Emma are getting more and more excited, saying things like “I will help feed the baby” and “I will use the baby to dry off with.” Logan’s latest obsession (and we do mean OBSESSION) is the United States. He has a puzzle of the States that he does about once every other minute. In the car yesterday, he told Jill that the puzzle was “all he could think about”. I guess there are worse things…..

Emma is still a princess, but has started asking for candy at very random times, like in the bath tub. I guess she is just testing the perimeter.

Anyway, that’s all for now…hope to get some new pics up soon. Give us a name in the forums if you have one.