Jill is the real dork

Yeah, I know you all celebrated at 1:59 on 3.14 (making it 3.14159) one of the true Nerd days of the year. Pi Day at the Goodrich house was nothing if not the same as any other day. The kids are great, but we don’t have any new pictures for you. This post is really just my attempt to make sure we get one out at least once a month.

So, I am off to Palm Springs for a conference this weekend and Jill’s life-long friend Carrie is coming into town with her brood. We just finished the 2nd of 3 birthing classes (you’d think we would have this down by now, but not so much…..baby comes out of WHERE??? [ Glenn faints ]) so we are on our way to full preparedness. However, we still don’t have a name, mainly because the friends and family in our lives won’t give us any suggestions. So, I am leaning toward an apotropaic name, like Stupid Goodrich or SmellsFunny Goodrich. These kinds of names were used at one point by some people to ward off their namesake.

Where did I learn a $10 word like ‘apotropaic’? Great question, and the answer is the book I am reading. It’s called “The Know It All” and the premise is a guy reading the entire set of Encyclopia Brittanica and then writing about it. The book is another literary find by Beth (my sister-in-law) and it is hee-haw-hilarious. My other new favorite word is ‘aposiopesis’ which means the deliberate failure to not complete a sentence, like “Why I oughta…”

So, that’s what’s what in Goodrichland these days. Feel free to hit the forums and drop us a note or a name for Tat, even an apotropaic one. If you don’t……..