I'll cry if I want to

I am 35 today and I have no problem with that.

As birthdays tend to make me reflect, I find myself happy. I have a wife who is my best friend, makes me a better person, and still makes me go “Hey baby.” I have 2.5 beautiful children that are a constant source of entertainment. I work for a great company and love what I do. I have more friends than any one person should be allowed. Oh, and at 35, I am in much healthier than I was at 25, which, if you knew me back then, is about as much of an accomplishment as just getting older.

This post has gone braggy on me, which will be a rarity for me. Those of you that know me know that for at least 300 other days this year I will be a whiny source of self-degradation. However, 35 is almost a milestone year, so maybe I will mark this as the year I grew up. Doubtful, but a nice thought at least. I think I will spend part of this day trying to bottle some of this perspective so I can drink it in slowly, as needed, this year.

Anyway, just some short birthday thoughts. If you are reading this, add a comment and tell me “Happy Birthday”, for Pete’s sake (who is Pete anyway?). You can help fill my perspecitive bottle, as I am guessing I will guzzle it dry by week’s end